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Our Recent Work

Crown Reduction And Thinning

We recently worked on beech trees (Fagus sylvatica) for our client, who wanted their trees to be reduced in height to allow more sunlight into their garden. During our initial consultation, we discussed the most suitable options and came to a conclusion to go for a 2-metre crown reduction, a crown thin and 4-metre lift. After the project was complete, there was an increase in sunlight, giving their garden a more aesthetically pleasing view.

Tree Top Arborists crown reduction 1.jpg
Tree Top Arborists crown reduction 2.jpg
Tree Top Arborists crown reduction 3.jpg

Hedge Cutting And Maintenance

Our client had a large laurel hedge (Prunus laurocerasus), which ended up encroaching on their house from their neighbour’s garden. Unfortunately, the hedge wasn’t being maintained and increased to around 6m in height. The plan was to reduce the hedge by approximately 1.5m and bring in the sides, so that the hedge would be more manageable in future. We also worked on a beech tree (Fagus sylvatica), that needed maintenance. In the back garden, there was another laurel hedge (Prunus laurocerasus), that had grown to 3m in height and blocked off the full rear boundary of the property. We also reduced this by 1m in height and brought in the annual growth of the sides.

Tree Top Arborists hedge cutting 6.jpg
Tree Top Arborists hedge cutting 4.jpg
Tree Top Arborists hedge cutting 5.jpg
Tree Top Arborists hedge cutting 3.jpg
Tree Top Arborists hedge cutting 1.jpg
Tree Top Arborists hedge cutting 2.jpg

Tree Felling

We worked on the removal of a purple plum (Prunus cerasifera ‘pissardii’). The tree had multiple cushion fungus brackets (Phillinus pomaceus) located on the stem and in the crown of the tree, so we had to decide to remove it to prevent the stems and branches to fail without warning. With the location of the tree in mind, this was the best decision as it was located near a church which meant public safety had to be considered.

Tree Top Arborists tree felling 1.jpg

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